Raising a total child demands overcoming distractions- TBPS Director

Raising a total child demands overcoming distractions- TBPS Director

By Elizabeth Uwandu

Rev. Mrs Ezinne Onoh Director, The Brains Premier School, TBPS Amuwo, Lagos at the school’s 13th graduation ceremony explained that to raise today’s total child, the school authority and parents must militate distractions faced by the child through nurturing and principle.

The educationalist who spoke in company of her husband, Elder Okoroji Onoh, the school’s consultants, Mr Ezeugo Basil and Mrs Clara Kolade respectively while advocating for the completion of Basic Six by pupils, lamented that some parents often absence propelled their children into act of laziness. “The challenges of raising a total child are that today’s children do not want to work hard owing to lots of distractions they face and couple with their parents who are not there to nurture them.

Another worrisome trend is that parents want their children to fly, they do not want them to complete primary six” she said.

On steps taken to encourage the goal of education in the lives of the children, Mrs Onoh noted that the three key ingredients were ways put in place to mould the lives of the pupils in academic, moral and spiritual wellbeing. “The vision of the school is to have an institution that is different from other schools, where among other things the uniqueness of every child is appreciated; Have an environment that encourage fellowship of the child and with God. We also ensure healthy collaboration with the parents teachers association, PTA and other stakeholders such as the government.” noted TBPS Director.

Mrs Onoh also noted that the importance of having a pupil complete Basic six can not be over-emphasied as the child is better equipped intellectually, physically and emotionally compared to his or her peers who jumped from Basic four or five to Junior secondary school, JSS one.

“ We strongly advocate that our pupils graduate at primary six. Although, some parents do not like the idea, with some opting out. However our standard is high and that is why we have only four graduands this year going into JSS 1. “ commented the school owner.

Speaking on the curriculum the 20 years old school run, Mr Basil who double as Director of studies opined that the curriculum ran by the school which he called The Brains Educational Centre was geared towards developing international students. “We want to address fundamental issues in the education sector, hence our curriculum is a fusion of Nigerian, American and British curricular.”observed Mr Basil.

On her part, Mrs Kolade, the soft-skill consultant to the school added that education would not be complete without the inculcation of etiquette on the children.” Good manners can open doors where certificate cannot. Hence, in raising children of high international standard, we have to teach them that etiquette goes beyond the use of fork and knife. “said the etiquette expert.

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